What can I expect during my first visit to Dr. Sam Mitschke’s office?
On your first visit, you will be asked to complete required forms including patient information, health history, and privacy documents. Dr. Mitschke and his staff will then perform a comprehensive dental health examination that may include radiographs to check for bone health and decay, periodontal charting to check gum health and an oral cancer screening. Dr. Mitschke will then recommend treatment options, including oral hygiene directives, to obtain your ultimate smile. The office staff will outline a treatment plan and payment arrangements to ensure affordable terms for your dental care. Find out more about our services.

Do you accept dental insurance?
Dr. Sam Mitschke’s office accepts assignment of benefits from your insurance company. After insurance coverage is verified, we will estimate your portion based on the information obtained from your insurance carrier. The deductible, co-pay, and patient portions are due in full at the time of services rendered. Our office strives to maximize your coverage and ensure you get the most out of your dental health insurance benefits. We offer more information about your payment options on our New Patients page.

At what age should my child start seeing a dentist?
It is important for your child to have a positive experience at the dentist so that they feel comfortable and avoid developing dental anxiety. We encourage you to begin your child’s oral health care at home as an infant, and schedule their first dental appointment around age three, unless you have a dental concern or notice a potential problem. Our dental professionals have very gentle approaches and aim to make sure your child has a terrific experience. If your child experiences a dental emergency, our office will accommodate their needs no matter their age.

Is gum disease a serious health problem?
Gum disease is a major cause of tooth loss in American adults and a very serious health concern. Gum disease can not only detrimentally affect your oral health, but can also negatively impact your overall health. Gum disease has been linked to heart disease, joint problems, strokes, premature births in pregnant women, and can increase diabetic complications. Dr. Mitschke can evaluate your gums for infection through periodontal screenings, and can treat your gums with non-surgical periodontal therapy if there is evidence of gum disease. Learn more about gum disease.

Where is Dr. Mitschke’s office located?
Dr. Mitschke’s office is located in the 5 story building on the Northeast corner of Stuebner Airline and Cypresswood Drive in Spring, Texas. Our office is on the 5th floor in Suite 550. A more detailed explanation and map are located on our Contact Us page.