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Contact Us for Your Sleep Apnea Therapy Appointment

Dr. Sam Mitschke offers sleep apnea therapy and other general dentistry services in Spring, Houston, Tomball, The Woodlands, and surrounding communities. Contact us at our Spring, TX dental practice for your appointment.

Sleep Appliances from Dr. Sam Mitschke Can Help Your Smile Rest Easy

Do you tend to snore while asleep? Many people suffer from this nighttime annoyance. In fact, we often don’t even know that it’s happening until someone lets us know – usually a tired spouse! While some cases of snoring may be small enough not to merit any major inconvenience, for others, it can be a nightmare. The quality of your rest can be impaired, leaving you unable to perform to your full potential during the day – not to mention the rest of your family! Worse, snoring is a common indicator of obstructive sleep apnea, a serious condition that can lead to health problems down the road if left untreated. Thankfully, many dentists today offer a variety of sleep appliances, which can help you regain both a good night’s rest and peace of mind. Dr. Sam Mitschke will be happy to discuss any concerns with you and prescribe a sleep appliance to suit your individual needs and mouth at his Spring, TX dental office.

How do I know if a sleep appliance would help me?

If constant snoring is hindering your rest, a sleep appliance can help eliminate the problem. Of course, maybe you’re not sure if you snore, or perhaps you’re not bothered by your snoring, but you worry that you might be suffering from sleep apnea, which requires care. Here are some common symptoms that suggest you may be suffering from chronic snoring/sleep apnea:

·         Morning headaches

·         Dry or sore throat upon waking up

·         Daytime exhaustion, no matter how long you stay in bed the night before

·         Insomnia or several nighttime awakenings

·         Feeling out of breath upon waking

·         Moodiness, forgetfulness, depression

If several of these sound familiar, we recommend coming to our Spring, TX office in order to receive a sleep appliance.

 In the past, patients who suffered from obstructive sleep apnea could often only rely on CPAP machines, which are large contraptions that deliver continuous air pressure to you while you sleep through a mask that fits either your nose, mouth, or both. However, many people didn’t want to undergo this bulky option, or found that it didn’t alleviate their symptoms. Today, sleep appliances are a common, trusted method for alleviating snoring. How they work is simple – like an athletic mouthguard or a retainer, a sleep appliance is custom-made to fit your specific mouth and covers both your upper and lower teeth. It holds the lower jaw in a forward position during sleep, thereby keeping your airway open and unobstructed throughout the night, resulting in comfortable, uninterrupted rest for you and your loved ones. What could be better?